Land Surveying and
Drafting Services Professionals
Portarlington Foreshore

Project: Portarlington Foreshore Beach Renourishment
Client: Bellarine Bayside Foreshore Committee
Purpose: Beach renourishment / monitoring
Timeframe: 2012

Project Description: The Department of Sustainability and Environment have instigated to undertake a substantial beach renourishment project along the Portarlington Foreshore. Surfcoast Survey & Drafting Services P/L were engaged to undertake detailed survey works at numerous locations along the foreshore to establish a benchmark for future monitoring. The data capture at fixed locations extended from the back of the foreshore to a depth of approximately 1.0m into the Bay. SS&DS are now undertaking return visits for identical data capture and comparisons with benchmark readings to aid in analysis and reporting of sand movement. The use of Sonar Mite Echo Sounders was adopted to establish true and accurate underwater ocean floor profiles.